How much you can be the asset of the company

How much you can be the asset of the company

How to get job in Japan

The first step of job hunting in Japan is you need to know how you show your strength based on analyzing yourself to companies HR. It is going to be well if your character fits to the company’s ideal personality.

First of all, the important thing to succeed your job hunting is showing how much you can be the asset of the company.
During analyzing yourself, you need to make clear “your strength”, “Your ability compare to others” and make company HR feel willing to hire you.

How to make entry sheet

Entry sheet is often described as “Love letter to Company”. It can be very important start line to show yourself to company HR who don’t have any information about you with limited amount of sentences and make them “want to see you in person” .


You should prepare how to show your strength from making entry sheet because job hunting is going to move on with it until the final judgement.

Let’s find out to how to show yourself.

How to express your achievement

The company is seeking for “someone who can make achievement”.

It was often said that the students who made achievement at their sport activity at school tend to get high reputation among big companies such as trading companies. Because the attitude of hard working to achievement their goal is believed an ideal skill in the society.

In other words, it can be said the students who are good at sports are tough physically and mentally.
Let’s take a look back how much you have been working as foreign student to be the same level or better compared to Japanese students.
You have been through difficult situation such as being in a different language and culture environment.For example, “How you can be tough under the difficult situation”,”Being tough physically and mentally”. If you could show those to HR, those experience will be your asset.

job interview

There is one thing to be observed all the time when you talk about your story at job intervew.
That is common among the HR people when students tell them the stories about their school days such as outside lecture activity, part-time job, and internship.
They are observing “What students were thinking during their activity”.during interview.

HR people are professional to find out the students’ “ability, motivation,and personality”.That’s why you can’t just finish telling your story. You have to make it clear what you were thinking not only telling your experience to them. You have to make them to count on you.


We don’t have much opportunity to show your strength to anyone in our daily life.That’s is why job hunting is described as “It is like having romantic relationship”.

To keep good impression of you, you should face to yourself first, and find out what is your asset.

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