How to Prepare an “Entry Sheet”

How to Prepare an “Entry Sheet”

When you finally decide you want to work at a Japanese company, you must get in touch with the HR. In order for you to do that, most companies require you to submit an “Entry Sheet (ES)”. An ES is an application document to show that you want to work at that company, and is somewhat similar to an cover letter.

Therefore, this document is checked thoroughly by the HR of the company as the first part of the screening process. What are some points that should be considered in order to impress the HR?


The entry sheet is an important screening document. Companies will consider whether the applicant will be able to contribute to the company. Thus, you should convey how you will lead the company to success, and what particular skill you have in order to achieve that. 。

It must be easy to understand

The ES is your first opportunity to show your skills, so whatever you write should be easy to understand. For starters,

  • Write a rough draft
  • Use black ink (For paper documents)
  • Write within the designated space and fill in as much as you can
  • Do not mix formal and informal language
  • Proofread before submitting

Use precise language

International students may have trouble with using natural Japanese. One mistake commonly made among international students is using the same words and expressions over and over again. For example, instead of using the word “understand” consecutively, you can use synonyms such as “comprehend”, “grasp”, or “savvy”. Utilizing a wider vocabulary will allow the HR to interpret your words more precisely. You can ask your Japanese friends to proofread your document.

Be specific

In the ES, companies will always ask “Your appeal point”, “What you put effort in as a student” and “Why you applied”. For all three questions, write in detail so that the HR will remember you. Including numbers or comparing your story to something may help your ES stand out. p>


Many of you may want to write a lot to appeal yourself to the company. However, keep in mind that each section on your ES should convey one message, and one explicit example should be used to support your statement.

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