Interview Etiquette Tips

Interview Etiquette Tips

Working in a Japanese company means dealing with Japanese managers, colleagues, and most importantly, clients. Therefore, the ability to work in a Japanese atmosphere is vital, which is why companies will be assessing your etiquette and common sense during interviews.

They will be looking for various manners. Here are some essentials for you to shine on your big day.

What to be Careful of

Don’t be Late

This is an obvious one, but also very important. Being late will give the impression that you are careless about your job. Make sure to come 15 minutes before the scheduled appointment and check in at the reception. Go to the restroom, look into the mirror, and see if you have

・Tidy hair
・No wrinkles on your suit
・Clean Shoes

Your appearance makes the first impression, and it’s the one that sticks, so it is important to look appropriate.

Calm Down and Speak Slowly

You may be stressed out about the fact that you have an interview in Japanese. However, this does not give you the excuse to fidget or to speak fast. Look into the interviewer’s eyes, and speak slowly with confidence.

If you couldn’t hear or understand something during the interview, you can ask them to repeat it again.

Other things to consider are

・How you sit – Do not lean on the backrest
・Legs – Women: Keep your knees together|Men: Spread them slightly apart, with hands on top
・Posture – Do not slouch

You will give the impression that you are calm, and able to handle the interview.


Suits are the norm for interviews. (There are some companies that specify specific attire, so it is recommended that you check.)

Like mentioned earlier, the first impression is determined by your appearance. Although each company has their own culture and a distinct atmosphere, one thing in common is that they will be seeing if you look tidy.

Are you worried about having proper attire? If so, you may reach out to a professional. Employees working at your local closing and suits store will be happy to assist you. They will help you pick out not only a suit, but also shirts and neckties to go with it. You can even ask them questions such as “How should I carry my coat inside the office?”.


Etiquettes introduced in this article can be used even after you enter the company. Review these tips to ensure you’re making the best impression possible.

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