Should you change your resume and talking content depending on the company you apply to?

Should you change your resume and talking content depending on the company you apply to?

Are you all changing your self-introductiondepending on the company
you apply to?

I think it is not unusual that only the “reason for application” is being changed while the self-introduction stays the same…

However, students getting job offers usually also change their self-introductions for each company.

Reason to change your self-introduction for each company

  • For each company the candidates they are seeking for differ

As the business sector varies the job outline will change as well.
If the job outline is different the skills and characteristics they seek for in future employees differ as well.

Let’s take a look at an example for demonstration.

(Reference example)

Company A

Business sector: Manufacturer
Job category: Sales
Job outline: Costumer acquisition
Ideal candidate: active / communicative / likes to perform

Company B

Business sector: Restaurant operation
Job category: Store / restaurant management
Job outline: Store / restaurant management ・ customer service
Ideal candidate: cheerful / communicative / likes physical work

Company C

Business sector: Wholesale
Job category: Clerical position
Job outline: Trade affairs
Ideal candidate: Good at routine work / likes to assist people

It’s important to understand what kind of persons the company is seeking to then write a self-introduction fitting just those needs.

However, in most cases it’s very difficult to understand what kind of candidates they wish for by just searching for information on the internet and visiting the company’s information sessions.

How do you get information about their ideal candidates?

  • Asking people working in that sector / business field (or in a similar one)
  • If you don’t have such acquaintances let them be introduced to you by friends or teachers

By putting effort into this kind of research you will be able to prepare a self-introduction and reason for application that will surprise the HR of the company.

Of course, it’s not a must do to go this far for every and each company you apply to but it’s a good idea to at least do this much for companies you really are interested in.

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