What is the Ratio of New Graduate Recruitment ?

What is the Ratio of New Graduate Recruitment ?

It is still quite difficult for international students to work in Japan despite the fact that more companies are considering international students. This article will give you a better idea of what kind of company hires international students.

Which Companies are Hiring? What type of students are being hired?

What is the ratio of New Graduates to Mid-career?

Mid-career recruitment is the norm in many countries. In Japan, however, new graduate recruitment is much more valued. International students are no exceptions. For example, there has been a new trend in the recruitment of foreigners, shifting from hiring experienced professionals to hiring new graduates. Even within the new graduates, companies prefer students who are enrolled in Japanese universities.

So, what is the ratio of these two types of recruitment? Japanese companies currently hire around 50% of their foreign employees through new graduate recruitment; 40% from Japanese universities and 10% from foreign universities. In contrast, only 25% were mid-career applicants. It is evident from these numbers that companies have a preference for new graduates.

Why New Graduates?

Now, let’s look at what type of international students are likely to be hired. Companies seek students who have attended a Japanese university and have a good command of Japanese. International students who cannot speak Japanese well but have attended a Japanese university come next. Intelligent students from foreign universities are the last on the list. This is because companies in Japan wish their employees to blend in their culture. Experienced professionals and students from foreign universities find it hard to adjust to the Japanese “atmosphere”.

For example, there are quite a few unique Japanese business traditions such as the custom of using honorifics, communication via phone, and distinct business emails. In addition, many foreign workers find the tradition of not saying things clearly very confusing.
Companies look for employees who understand non-verbal consent (aun no kokyu) and those who can share the atmosphere (ba no kyouyuu). Therefore, they look for ‘fresh’ students who do not have experience of working. This is why companies have a preference for ‘fresh’ graduates.

Which Companies are Hiring for Which Positions?

Many companies that accept international students are in the IT and manufacturing industries. Service and Finance follows. Professions in the trading industry, which many international students wish to work in, does not make even half of the positions available. Sadly, this is reality.

In addition, most positions for international students are the same as Japanese laborers. This means working in a domestic project. However, international students wish to become managers in a branch or a local office of the Japanese company. Here again, students will realize that reality is far from ideal.


What do you think? In reality, many students experience a gap between their high expectations and the reality of working in Japan. In order to get the job you actually want, you be informed and understand what the companies expect from international students.

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